letters to sally

~ one woman's dance through the healing power of adversity

L E T T E R S  T O  S A L L Y

Dear Reader

I first met Sally Sunshine when I was a barefoot, dancing, teenage youth in 1974. Sally was a flower child, an earth woman, a barefoot  dancer extraordinaire. I immediately saw and loved her beautiful, bright and free spirit. 

 In 1994, some twenty years later, I came to a twist in the road of my life that I had no preconceived notion of; I became, physically, 
and fairly 

severely, dis-abled. 

When I first became unwell I visited Sally from time to time. She would offer me soaks in her wonderful, deep bathtub and then 
massages to help 

ease the pain I was experiencing. 

It was on one such visit, in the spring of ’94, when I was laying on Sally’s bed receiving a massage from her when I had a vision. My 
eyes were closed and, there before me, I saw a shelf in a bookstore, that had a book on it that I had, apparently, written.
Just at that moment Sally spoke, 
"You know, Lisa. You must write your story." 
"What?" I exclaimed, startling out of the vision in my head. 
“You really have to write about this journey you are on,” Sally repeated. “You are such an inspiration to people! So courageous. So gracious in your walk through this. It is incredible to be near you. You must write it down and share your experiences with the world.”

And so, we offer to you here, letters to sally; one woman’s dance through the healing powers of adversity. 

(Excerpt from Introduction to letters to sally.)

my dearest Sally,      



I write to you now as I have promised.

  To share with you my journey,

     and, of course,

        to share with you my love,

   for I do,

     with all my heart,

                   love you.



And, What then is there to tell
                     of this Journey?


 O! So much.

       So much!


And where,


            shall I start?


I shall go into



               for this journey

                 has certainly been

               a journey of the



                I shall go, also,

                into the depths of my                 Soul;

                   for there,


               I have journeyed.



And, what shall I write

                      of the body?


For does this

      Healing Journey                            not have the body

                as it’s central                                      focus? 



An interesting question.


   a question better answered

                             in time.


For now,

   it is enough to say

     that certainly in the beginning,

          it did appear that the body, being struck as it was,

                     was in fact,

          the central theme

                         in this                                     healing.


        Four years later,

      my understanding

    of the word




~ excerpts from letter #1, letters to sally ~

© Lisa K Sigurgeirson 1998

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