S O N G  F O R  M I K L E Y

From the debut album Still Hold True. 


Mikley was the original name of the island in Lake Winnipeg - now known as Hecla Island - where early Icelandic immigrants settled in the late 1800's, and where Lisa's dad grew up in the 1930's-40's.
Mikley was also the name chosen for the commercial fish boat built by Lisa's family - the last wooden-hulled fishing vessel to be built on Canada's west coast in the old style of steam heating and bending oak boards as Lisa's afi (her Icelandic grandfather) had done in the mid 1900's in Steveston, BC. 

S T I L L  H O L D  T R U E

The title song from the debut album Still Hold True. 


Lisa is a master when it comes to expressing lifes' challenges, hopes and feelings through music. You can feel that here in her title track written for her maternal grandmother, her Nana, who suffered with rheumatoid arthritis years before Lisa was struck by the same debilitating condition. 

"Just previewed the album, I absolutely love the sound of your voice, what a great way to start my Sunday morning." - follower CDBaby

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