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This winter I experienced one of those times in life where we're given a choice - to let the setback take you out or let it be your opportunity to grow, change and step further into the woman of strength you know yourself to be. At first I felt as if it had taken me out, simple daily tasks were insurmountable; getting out of bed some days, nope; getting dressed, forget it. Not only was I now without my romantic partner I had also lost my music partner, the other half of my musical duo. We had just returned from an international music tour through Iceland, my ancestral home land and a long time dream come true for me, when he told me that he no longer wanted to be with me. I was shattered. I t has taken months to wade through the quicksand of emotions, often feeling as if I was being dragged under. I'm still trying to work out exactly what happened but I think, in a lot of ways, I likely will never know. The worst piece of it all was starting out on my own again musically. I thought several times perhaps this is it, perhaps there's no more music for me. But, out of the fog came the face and voice of a beautiful, long time friend of mine, Sally Sunshine. We lost Sally this past winter, just before my partner walked out my door. It was time, she said, for me to finally tell our story. A story that has been written and rewritten many times. But this time it will not come forth just in written form, I am to perform this story through music, paintings and spoken word; a one woman show to celebrate my own journey through adversity and echo the many struggles and triumphs of others. letters to sally. And the best part all the music is sung a capella I can be a solo musician! I invite you to visit my letters to sally page to learn more and find a tour date near you. https://www.lisamaxx.com/letters-to-sally

#music #performance #iceland #separation

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